1. sydney-oh25:

    This is an important moment in history.

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    Biggest plot twist

    i will never not repost this.

    when you see it, reblog it

    Wtf was he saying lol

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  3. While watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier, all I could think was “Damn, the Steve/Bucky fanfics are gonna be SO FRICKIN ANGSTY!”


  4. I just realized why they never had a “Beauty and the Beast” parody type thing on Supernatural. It’s because Dean would be Gaston.

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    I’m so done with breathing


    literally crying HAHAHA LOOK AT ITS FACE! WHY SO SERIOUS!?

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  6. smgoetter:

    I met my destiny at the check out the other day.

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  7. ourtimeorg:

    Russell Brand is on point.

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  8. our-dragons-are-better:

    Oh God, I thought for a second it was Sam in the bunker.

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    Get well soon.

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  10. homovikings:

    i’m laughing so hard at how advanced technology is in asgard

    the reason thor was disoriented on midgard when he got sent down was because that shit was too basic for him, he was thrown for a loop

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